Quintavious Johnson is a 13-year-old R&B/pop artist out of Franklin, Tenn. Though he is only 13, he is known as "The Little Man with the Big Voice." His big voice has already propelled him to the finals of “America’s Got Talent” and singing for the president.

“12-year-old Quintavious Johnson Flawlessly Belts the “Star-Spangled Banner.” – Mark Shrayber, Jezebel.com


Quintavious is currently working on two singles he plans on releasing this summer called “App For Your Love” and “Right Here.” He is also touring regularly performing at private events, conventions and charity fundraisers.

“12-year-old Quintavious Johnson has the best National Anthem of the year… He placed fifth on America's Got Talent. He has his own Wikipedia page. And he absolutely destroyed the National Anthem on Thanksgiving before the Bears and Lions kicked off. (Destroyed in the good connotation here; it was great.)” –Bill Hanstock, SBNation.com


He has sung the “National Anthem” at professional sporting events across the country including the Nashville Sounds, Tennessee Titans, New York Rangers, New York Knicks, Detroit Lions and Atlanta Hawks among others. Quintavious has also performed on several stages many singers only dream of including the Grand Ole Opry, Madison Square Gardens and Radio City Music Hall. He was a finalist on season 9 of NBC’s “America's Got Talent.” He shared the stage with Jennifer Hudson on the season finale of “America’s Got Talent” and sang "And I am Telling You" as a duet with her. This was a dream come true for the young artist. Quintavious has also performed "The Lord’s Prayer” at the President’s National Prayer Breakfast.

Quintavious is currently spending time in the studio recording his next two singles “App For Your Love” and “Right Here” that will be released in May. When he’s not in the studio, Quintavious is touring, performing at sporting events, conferences and parties. Check out

http://www.thequintavious.com/ for music, tour dates and info on new singles. 

“If you haven't heard of 13-year-old singing sensation Quintavious Johnson, give him 29 seconds to change that with his magical rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner," performed at a recent a Lions vs. Bears game.” – Amanda Scherker, Huffingtonpost.com


His favorite singers that inspire him are Aretha Franklin, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Shirley Caesar, Donnie McClurkin, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and the list goes on.